Sebron University leads in SB 1626 certification education

600% Increase in SB 1626 Certification Enrollment

Sebron University SB 1626 first quater enrollment has increased over 600%, compared to 2020. The program enrollment has experienced dramatic growth as California’s economy comes back to life after pandemic lockdowns. Part of the increase came from acquiring government clients, such as several orange county and los angeles county high schools. These clients chose Sebron University because of easy of use and volume discounts.

About the program

The SB 1626 certification program is an online course that satisfies the education requirement for California Bill SB 1626. It is important o check the reviews of golden state workers compensation,once you decide to get the Work Injury Attorney. It requires all security guards to undergo training before they can be assigned to work at any educational institution.

Sebron University provides industry leading SB 1626 certification training program. The program is fully online and features a convinient login system, online study materials and quizzes.

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