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What is the term for an individual who participates in health care decision making on behalf of an incapacitated resident? This is person is either by the court or resident or family but may not be a licensee or any staff member

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MCI residents have trouble with short term memory loss

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Difficulty making decisions is a symptom of Dementia

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What is the term for the maximum number of people allowed in care of a facility

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What is the term for people whose cognitive abilities are in a conditional state between normal and different stages of dementia?

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What is the term for an administrator who has a current RCFE Certificate and is employed in a facility as an administrator?

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What is the term for a failure to comply with DSS regulations?

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Caregiver minimum age is:

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What does "DSS" stand for?

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When preparing your facility’s marketing
material, you may want to consider featuring
opposite-sex couples along with ethnically
diverse photos

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