Students requiring financial assistance should apply for financial aid early!

General Fee and Refund Terms

  • Refunds are usually available only if requested within 24 hours of signing up. Please make sure you are signing up for the correct class during enrollment.
  • The drop deadline is 3 (three) calendar days from the registration date. Cancellation fees may apply. Cancellation and processing fees may apply depending on class length and units.
  • If classes are not dropped within 3 calendar days, or if the cancellation fees are not paid in full within 2 calendar days, the student will be responsible for all fees and student loan amounts.
  • Exceptions to this policy can be made at the discretion of the school. Exceptional cases can involve sickness, accidents, deaths in the family. If any of these circumstances are applicable, please mention them on the cancellation form.
  • It is the responsibility of the Student to cancel their classes. Non-attendance does not warrant a refund or cancellation.

Dropping Classes

  • All drop requests have be submitted via email on the appropriate DROP REQUEST FORM found HERE.

Online Payments