About the Paralegal Online Certification Program

  • Experienced, dedicated faculty and staff understand the needs of working adults
  • Our 2-3 Month course can be completed online and on your own time
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify
  • Certification prepares the student for the lucrative and rewarding career in the legal field

What are the Tuition / Fees?

The course costs $2,100

What does a Paralegal do?

As a paralegal, you would be assisting attorneys, drafting legal documents, helping out with court appearances, depositions and motions. Paralegals perform a variety of tasks which include maintaining and organizing files, drafting documents and conducting legal research. Paralegals are found in all types of organizations, but most work for law firms, government agencies, or corporate legal departments.

Objectives of the Paralegal Online Certification Program

  1. To train students in a practical way for careers as paralegals to attorneys.
  2. To promote a basic understanding of legal concepts and terms on subjects that are important to those engaged in general practice or in specialized areas of law and to equip students with legal writing and research skills that will enable graduates to perform as skilled members of a legal team.
  3. To provide a general understanding of the principles of ethical and professional responsibility as these relate to lawyers and paralegals.
  4. To provide a broad background in general education for development of educated, socially, morally, and ethically aware individuals.
  5. To constantly upgrade and adjust the program to fulfill the needs of the community by seeking input from local attorneys, paralegals, and students.

Why Get Certified?

The legal field offers great career opportunities. Certification is required for virtually any legal assistant or paralegal positions. As a SEBRON Certified Paralegal Specialist, you will be prepared to meet the rigorous demands of the legal field. In addition, being a paralegal can be a stepping stone to becoming an attorney, as the position provides experience and know-how for a career in the legal field.

Do you offer job placement assistance?

Yes, we work with legal firms and offices in the Southern California area. We offer direct job placement assistance to all graduates of our program.

Course Syllabus

  1. The Paralegal Profession
  2. Inner Workings of the Law Office
  3. Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  4. Sources of American Law
  5. The Court System and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  6. Legal Research and Analysis
  7. Contemporary Online Legal Research
  8. Legal Writing
  9. Civil Litigation: Before the Trial
  10. Conducting Interviews and Investigations
  11. Trial Procedures
  12. Criminal Law and Procedures