SEBRON Pharmacy Technician Program (240 Hours):

The Program Covers:

  • Pharmacy Administration, Pharmaceutical Calculations
  • Anatomy and Physiology, Digestive, Respiratory and Reproductive Systems
  • Nutrition, Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology, Health Care Systems

This program satisfies the educational criteria requirement specified in CCR section 1793.6(c) to qualify for a pharmacy technician license. To become a pharmacy tech, you must be a HS Graduate, complete a Pharmacy Technology Program with at least 240 hours of instruction, apply for the Pharmacy Tech license in your state (CA application, for reference)


About the Course

The main goal of the Pharmacy Technician Program is to provide students with the communication, safety and patient advocate skills necessary to gain entry level employment across a wide spectrum of workplaces, including clinical, hospital, retail and more. Courses focus on the preparation and distribution of medication, labeling and filing orders, record maintenance and general assistance to a licensed pharmacist. Additionally, students may work in multiple clinical or office settings in preparation to enter today’s fast-paced pharmacy technician industry.

The course includes 260 hours of instruction.

How Much Do Pharmacy Technicians Make?

Pharmacy Technicians average an annual salary of $35,376 (

About SEBRON University

SEBRON University is based in Southern California and currently offers the following certifications and courses: Medical Biling, Medical Assistant, Paralegal, Legal Assistant. More about SEBRON University

What does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

Under pharmacist supervision, pharmacy technicians: supply medicines to patients, whether on prescription or over the counter. assemble medicines for prescriptions. provide information to patients and other healthcare professionals.

Why Get Certified?

Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities and jobs. In today’s increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are everything. Sure you may have the skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential clients or employers? Certification! Certification may open doors you don’t expect. Certification is likely to increase self-esteem as well as job potential and income.

Do you offer job placement assistance?

Yes, we work with hospitals and medical offices in the Southern California area. We offer direct job placement assistance to all graduates of our program.